Every team member at GIG is expected to fully comply with all health, safety and security requirements as well as being alert for health and safety hazards and any breach of security. We are all trained not to ignore health and safety responsibilities, including hazards. Each member of our team is actively encouraged to report any potential breaches of policies, laws and regulations immediately. Our comprehensive health and safety documentation, licences and accreditation’s are available for inspection upon request.

Incident Reporting

To ensure the fullest commitment to the GIG Business Ethics Policy we have implemented an incident reporting system which allows any employee to report any contravention in respect of the health and safety, food safety and/or ethics.

Food Safety

It is our policy to maintain the highest standards of food hygiene within our business at all times. We operate in accordance with relevant food safety laws and to strict requirements of our own externally accredited food safety management system (FSMS). Our procedures have been developed to ensure that identified food safety hazards within our business are controlled and that the food we serve is safe. The procedures have evolved to incorporate a wide scope of enhanced guidelines and designed to ensure highest possible levels when replicated in a variety of cultures and locations.

Our food safety objectives are:

  • To ensure compliance with food safety legislation
  • To ensure good standards of personal hygiene are practiced by all team members
  • To maintain good food handling practices at all times
  • To ensure that all food areas and equipment are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and are in good condition
  • To maintain efficient monitoring procedures which highlight problem areas
  • To ensure team members have the necessary skills and knowledge to conform to our food safety management system
  • To ensure our supply chain adopts our principles through regular audit

Allergen control

14 named allergens have been identified and enforced within the European Union. GIG has the responsibility of managing, identifying and communicating information about allergens seriously. We distinguish which allergens are deliberate ingredients and which contain an ingredient that our supplier has given a ‘may contain’ warning. Our allergen charts are compiled by checking all the ingredients in each menu (and what each ingredient contains), as well as what we use to cook the dish, thicken a sauce, use as a garnish or dressing. On all menus, food labels and buffet information cards, allergens are clearly identified.