GIG understand that each client requires their catering partner to share their vision and complement their core values and priorities. We aim to deliver exceptional quality, based on innovative ideas in an interactive environment. Our talented team, supported by an experienced and focused leadership team enables clients a collaborative approach ensuring our beliefs that each event is individual and offers guests  to experience a truly exceptional hospitality experience.

Our core purpose and values are achieved through a hierarchy of:


We thrive on challenge. Whether that is the challenges we encounter with a location, and event or expectations; or the challenges we give ourselves. to deliver next level service.  Average is never an option – we’re always looking to make things better, bolder and more brilliant


We’re powerfully pro-active. Always creating new methods of doing things and ways around obstacles.  New ideas lead to better results, and there is nothing more exciting that creating solutions that nobody else has, or could, come up with.


We live and breathe a can-do attitude. Our clients rely on us to deliver to the highest standards on schedule, without question – and we never let them down/  Whatever it takes, we always make it happen.


We’re far more than a supplier or a support service. We work with our clients to understand their needs and goals, then create solutions that drive their business forward, as well as our own.  After all, we don’t just work for our clients, we represent them; and exemplary service comes from strong relationships.


No two jobs are the same, so neither is the way we work. That’s one of the great things about GIG – we can always take a fresh approach and a new direction.  Why stick to the rule-book when you can be radical?

GIG has held ISO 9001 since 2009 providing quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. GIG was also awarded ISO 14001 certification and compliance in 2009 providing the criteria for GIG’s environmental management system and allowing GIG to benefit from reduced cost of waste management, savings in consumption of energy and materials, lower distribution costs which in turn we are able to pass to our clients. Our ISO’s are monitored for compliance by external audits annually and quarterly internally. GIG is also proud to be working towards ISO 20121 certification which will further cement our commitment to providing a fully sustainable event and event services.

Through transparent accounting and a sound competitive business environment, we ensure responsible commercial success; GIG believes in the concept of client and supplier working together in continually striving for improvements in service quality. By working in collaboration with our clients, as an extension to their team,

GIG ensure that they earn trust, build relationships with all stakeholders, and form business partnerships which create a mutual benefit for all parties. All employees of GIG are responsible for upholding and exceeding these values.

Ultimately our formula is:

Relationships + People + Food + Creativity + Reputation = #GIGLEGENDS