It’s National Vegetarian Week so what better time to celebrate some of our own favourite vegetarian dishes and take a look at some of the projects where they’ve proved popular.

There are numerous reasons why people choose a vegetarian diet, whether it’s their religious beliefs, ethically they think it’s right or for health purposes. For many though, they just simply prefer it.  Here at Eat to the Beat we combine fantastic fresh ingredients with creative recipe planning ensuring that opting for the veggie selection never means compromising on taste and flavour.  You can find fabulous meat-free dishes in every type of cuisine around the globe, the world really is your passion fruit!

In fact, with a wide variety of dietary requirements now the norm, our menus are intentionally planned to be inclusive so there is something for everyone. The percentage of meat free meals we serve has increased over all and we also offer a vegan choice of most of our menus. Opting for the veggie/ vegan option should be a personal choice rather than feeling singled out as someone with special requests.

There are some amazing recipes out there, one of absolute favourites is roasted beer and lime cauliflower tacos with cilantro coleslaw, they’re delicious and incredibly popular whenever we serve them. This and many of our other popular vegetarian dishes were served on John Bishop’s Winging It tour last year, these included: butternut squash and courgette fettuccine, chia and cashew balls with tomato fondue and asparagus tips; smoked tofu miso ramen, glass noodles and Asian vegetables and herb broth with green vegetables, Israeli cous cous, poached egg and crispy Jerusalem artichokes.

Swedish singer Tove Lo was full of praise for our vegetarian selections. In an interview she said about the tour catering “Yes! We’ve just been talking about that, because that is certainly not always the case. It’s been such great food. I’m vegetarian and eat vegan and there’s always amazing options for that. When we get to the venue, it’s always like ‘Right, we’re here, who wants to eat’…and everyone there is so nice.”

We’ve also recently introduced ‘Meat Free Monday’ on one of our long running TV jobs. The production company we’re working for is committed to albert, the collaborative BAFTA, indie and broadcaster backed project that provides the film and TV industries with the necessary expertise and opportunities to take action on environmental sustainability.  Meat Free Mondays are one of the recommendations along with other best practices such as eliminating disposable catering products and serviceware; composting waste where possible and purchasing local and seasonable produce. It has been really well received by the cast and crew.

We find both Thug Kitchen and BOSH! (the world’s biggest plant-based platform and a keen supporter of National Vegetarian Week) are great places to find inspiration and ideas for recipes.

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